When your team has worked hard on your latest product or service offering, you’ll want to make a splash at your public product launch event. You’ll make a great impression in one of our professional event venues. 

What Is A Product Launch Event?

A product launch event is the public introduction of a new or updated product. The primary purpose of such an event is to generate publicity and industry buzz surrounding not just this new or improved product, but also the brand

Benefits Of Hosting A Product Launch Event At A Conference Center

The benefits of hosting your product launch event at ACU Hotel & Conference Center are many. Here are just a sampling:

  • Professional event planners create and deploy your event using your vision and their expertise. Just leave everything in their capable hands.
  • On-site catering staff allows you to plan your food and beverage service from an extensive menu. Our banquet staff takes care of serving and clearing. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. 
  • Each rental includes all the necessary audio/visual equipment. 
  • Hosting your event at a conference center gives you a polished and professional image. 

Product Launch Planning Checklist

  • A few things to consider when planning your product launch event: 
    • Create social media buzz before the event
    • Use the power of anticipation in your social media posts
    • Create a branded hashtag (or two!)
    • Issue press releases
  • Jazz up your venue
    • It’s not just your product people talk about, it’s also your brand
    • Consider a themed event
    • Carefully choose your speakers
  • Make it fun
    • Use available technology
    • Allow participants one-on-one interaction with your product
    • Make product experts available for questions
  • Know your audience
    • Your planning approach varies depending on whether your event is geared towards B2B or B2C
    • Personalize each attendee’s experience
  • Have a rock-solid follow-up plan post-event
    • The buzz will die down in a few days. Make sure you have a strategy in place to keep it going. 

Amenities Included For Your Product Launch Event

At ACU Hotel & Conference Center, our goal is to create an impeccable experience for each of our clients. One of the ways we do this is by providing all the amenities needed to make your event shine. These include a dedicated event planner, the professional equipment needed for your meeting, WiFi and upgraded seating. If you rent one of our 5 tiered classroom-style auditoriums, your rental also includes the use of our state-of-the-art audio/visual system and an electrical outlet at each workstation.  Should you choose, our catering staff will be happy to provide food and beverage service from our extensive menu.

Common Questions About Launch Events

Is catering available?

Yes, our on-site catering and banquet staff has an extensive menu from which to choose your food and beverage service. Special dietary needs can be accommodated. 

Is audio/visual and WiFi included in my room rate?

Yes,  these services are included in your rate. 

Is parking available? What is the fee?

Yes, parking is available and it is free of charge.

What if I need more than one room?

No problem. We have multiple rooms available in our conference center. 

Are there accommodations available for overnight guests?

Yes! Our lovely 110-room hotel is also on-site, nestled in the quiet and serene environment of Arizona Christian University. 

Please give us a call today to start planning your upcoming product launch event. We’re ready to make you shine!