When your organization hosts a non-profit or charity event, you want everything to be perfect for your honorees. Whatever the cause is, it’s important that the public at large see your commitment, as that undoubtedly translates into more dollars for those who need it most. 

At ACU Hotel & Conference Center, we fully support your endeavors and want to assist in creating a memorable event for you and your honorees. 

What Are The Benefits To Hosting Your Non-Profit Or Charity Event At A Conference Center?

While you have many choices in venue to host your non-profit or charity event, using a conference center is a smart idea. Here’s why:

  • We are event planning professionals. Our staff has years of experience in creating events and we can create an ideal event for you. 
  • Our on-site catering and banquet staff provides a seamless food and beverage experience for your non-profit or charity event. We have an extensive menu from which to choose your meals and we can accommodate special diets. 
  • Nearly everything is included in your rental. A dedicated event planner, parking, WiFi and all room audio/visual needs are included in your room rate. 

Recommended Non-Profit & Charity Event Rooms At ACU Hotel & Conference Center

We have up to 6 meeting rooms that are ideal for a non-profit or charity event. Ranging from 702 to 2439 sq. ft., They are easily configurable and can accommodate from 10-150 guests. Please consult your event planner for the ideal venue for your event. 

How To Plan A Non-profit Or Charity Event (A Primer)

The following list will give you an overview of the steps to follow to plan a flawless event.
  • Determine your goals
    • Who are you raising money for?
    • What is the intended use of these funds?
  • Set a monetary fundraising goal
    • Consider all fundraising options
  • Create a budget for your event
    • This will help to keep costs in perspective
    • With an eye on the bottom line, you’ll spend more judiciously
  • Determine your target audience
    • B2B or B2C?
    • Baby boomers or millennials?
    • Black-tie or blue jeans?
    • Local, national or international?
  • Secure your venue
    • ACU Hotel & Conference Center has many excellent choices
  • Decide on a theme for your event
    • Brainstorm a fun and unique theme
    • This offers a cohesive and structured environment for your event
  • Use all marketing avenues available to get the word out 
    • Offline efforts should include mailed invitations, phone banks and direct mail
    • Online efforts should include email, content marketing and paid advertising
  • Determine the best method for accepting donations
    • Online event ticketing platform
    • Payment processing options
  • Find local partners to help you spread the word
    • Influencers
  • Automate as many tasks as possible to save money

Common Questions About Non-Profit & Charity Events

Does it have to be black-tie? Should I have a dress code?

While you don’t necessarily have to host a black-tie event, it is a good idea to let your audience know what is appropriate dress. You don’t want attendees to feel uncomfortable because they are under- or over-dressed. 

Should my event be catered?

Typically, attendees do expect some form of refreshment when attending a non-profit or charity event. It can be as simple as drinks and hors d’oeuvres or as elaborate as a plated meal. Please consult your event planner to make the right decision for your event. 

What is the difference between a gala event and a charity event?

A gala is a festive, formal party, which may or may not include fundraising. A charity event, by its nature, always includes fundraising. 

Are we permitted to serve alcohol?

Yes, you may order alcohol from our catering menu, but you may not bring in your own alcohol and we cannot permit cash bars. 

May we bring children to a non-profit or charity event?

Yes, you may bring children, though please note that we don’t provide any type of babysitting service. 

What is the purpose of a  non-profit or charity event?

The purpose is to raise funds for a worthy cause and help those less fortunate in the community or nationwide. 

Call us today to get started on your next non-profit or charity event. We’re here to help you plan the event of the season!