When planning corporate training and seminars, it’s a great idea to move these activities off-site. Allowing your staff away from the commitments of the office and into a quiet atmosphere will aid in both concentration and comprehension.  The ACU Hotel & Conference Center, located on the campus of Arizona Christian University would like to help you plan your next events. 

What Is Corporate Training?

Corporate training is the training provided by a corporation to its new and existing employees to assist them in advancing competencies in their job skills, knowledge and performance. 

Differences Between Training & Conferences/Seminars

Training differs from conferences or seminars by virtue of its targeted topics. In seminars and conferences, the topics are broader and more company-focused, in training, the topics are narrower and skill-focused. 

Benefits Of Corporate Training/Seminars

There are myriad benefits to offering training to your employees. A small sampling of these include: 

  • Increased job performance
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Overall improved employee morale
  • Increased efficiency

Considering offering employee seminars? It’s a good, strategic business move. Here are the benefits you can offer your employees with seminars and/or conferences:

  • Employee networking
  • Improve skillsets
  • Expand your knowledge base
  • Find new and innovative solutions
  • New opportunities

How does the company benefit from hosting seminars/conferences? 

They get to be the recipient of each employee’s renewed motivation and morale. 

Different Types Of Training/Seminars/Conferences

At ACU Hotel & Conference Center, we have been privileged to host a wide variety of training, seminars and conferences. Below is a partial list of the types of events we can help with:

  • Leadership/Management Training
  • Sales Training
  • Hard Skills Training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • HR Training
  • Customer Support Training
  • Safety Training
  • Technology Training
  • Team Training
  • On-Boarding

Best Practices For Hosting A Great Training

Are you feeling overwhelmed by putting together a successful training/seminar/conference for your company? Don’t be! Our experienced and knowledgeable event planners are here to help guide you through this sometimes confusing process. Here are some tips to help you plan a successful event:

  • Conduct A Needs Assessment
    • Establishing The Company’s Needs Will Help You To Best Structure A Training Course
  • Plan According To Adult Learning Principles
    • Self-concept
    • Adult-learner Experience
    • Learning Readiness
    • Learning Orientation
    • Learning Motivation
  • Determine your learning objectives
    • Use The Smart Format: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-sensitive
  • Determine your structure
  • Create your training materials
  • Create a clear and understandable presentation
  • Incorporate some activities
  • Manage your time well
  • Pick a great venue (Like ACU Hotel & Conference Center!)
  • Stay organized

Best Practices For Hosting A Great Seminar/Conference

  • Decide on the purpose of the event
  • Determine your budget
  • Develop/confirm agenda
  • Create all the event materials 
  • Nail down the details
  • Event profile (date, time, location, contacts, etc.)
  • Event organizer
  • Keynote speaker
  • Attendees
  • Space needed
    • Food and beverage
    • A/V requirements
    • Function/room setup

Common Questions About Corporate Training & Seminars

What should be included in the training room rental?

At ACU Hotel & Conference Center, each room rental comes complete with a dedicated event planner, the professional equipment needed for your meeting, WiFi and upgraded seating. Each workstation is also provided with a pad of paper, pen and candy. If you rent one of our 5 tiered classroom-style auditoriums, your rental also includes the use of our state-of-the-art audio/visual system and an electrical outlet at each workstation.  Should you choose, our catering staff will be happy to provide food and beverage service from our extensive menu.

How do I decide what layout is best?

It depends on the type of gathering. A training session is probably best served by classroom-style layout, whereas a seminar or conference may be better off with conference or theater style. For a guide to the types of layout styles, please click here.

How large a training room should I rent?

That depends on the size of your group. Our rooms can host from 10-150 guests. Discuss your needs with your event planner and he/she can suggest the ideal room for your group. 

Should we provide meals for our program participants?

We suggest providing a minimum of beverage service. Whether you provide a meal is determined by several factors, such as cost, proximity to other dining choices and length of program. 

Please call us today to start planning your upcoming training session, conference or seminar. We look forward to creating the perfect event for you.