When “the most wonderful time of the year” is approaching, most companies want to plan something special for their employees. Make it a grand gesture with a catered holiday party at an event venue and watch your employee morale and productivity soar!

Alternatively, when one member of your circle of friends has a special event to celebrate, consider making it a memorable occasion by hosting a formal dinner party at a conference center venue. It will make their occasion that much sweeter!

Benefits of Hosting a Holiday Party or Dinner Party at a Conference Center

There are many benefits to enjoy when allowing professionals to plan your event. 

  • Years of event planning experience and knowledge will make your evening a smooth success. You can let someone else “sweat the small stuff” and just enjoy the party. 
  • On-site catering and banquet staff make serving the perfect meal a breeze. Simply choose your food and beverage service from their extensive menu and you’re all set. They can even accommodate dietary restrictions with advance notice. 
  • At ACU Hotel & Conference Center, we have nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of meeting space. Many of our rooms are easily configured for your needs. We have the perfect spot for you!
  • Worry no more about convenient accommodations for your out-of-town guests. Our 110-room hotel is right on the beautiful campus of Arizona Christian University and an easy stroll from the conference center. 

Company Holiday Party Ideas

Stuck on a theme or some fun activities? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Play games, but make it inclusive for everyone. Some folks will love Twister, but others are more comfortable with Trivial Pursuit. Tip: You can find some great vintage games on Ebay. 
  • Themed Attire - the possibilities are endless here!
    • Black Tie
    • 90s Grunge
    • 70s Bell Bottoms & Platforms
    • Masquerade
  • Raffle - give everyone a raffle ticket when they enter. Throughout the night, pause the festivities to call out a raffle number. Be sure to stock up on a cadre of cool gifts beforehand. 
  • A magic show by a professional magician
  • Las Vegas night with slots, poker tables and roulette
  • Live music show
  • Secret Santa gift exchange
  • Ethnically themed food (German, Irish, Italian, Mediterranean, etc.)
  • Hot cocoa bar with all the fixins’!

Quick Tips on how to Plan a Holiday Party

  • Determine your budget
  • Decide on the party theme
  • Choose the date and time
  • Create a guest list
  • Book your talent 
  • Decide if you want speakers or party moderators and who they will be
  • Select your venue
  • Choose your menu 
  • Schedule a task timeline for yourself so you don’t miss any key deliverables
  • If you are having the party commemorated, choose your photographer or videographer
  • Purchase raffle gifts, if applicable
  • Purchase or rent any items to support your theme (gambling tables, games, etc.)
  • Decide on your dress code
  • Start promoting the party via company intranet, website, newsletter, memo, etc. 

Common Questions About Holiday Parties

Is catering included in a holiday party?

Food and beverage service is an additional expense, beyond the cost of the room rental.

Should we have a dress code for our company party?

It’s a good idea. Expectations should be communicated so that no one feels over- or under-dressed and out-of-place at the holiday party. 

How do you make a holiday party fun for everyone?

We have supplied some great suggestions above! Make sure you have a wide range of activities and games to participate in so that your employees and guests stay engaged. There should be something available for various skill, knowledge and activity levels. 

Are company parties tax-deductible?

We cannot advise you on tax matters. Please consult with your tax professional. 

Call us today to plan a fabulous holiday or dinner party! Our event planners are full of fun and unique ideas to make your party shine.